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Love really is the most potent mind-altering drug there is.

It's all over the streets, it's free, and you don't even know until you have it. Keep it away from your children!!


Cheap DVDs Online? An Open Discussion

Considering how few people buy DVDs these days (at least, in my uni and my workplace, I only know one person who actually buys DVDs (hint: it's me)), you'd think they'd be nearly as cheap as VHS tapes by now. I've been watching Penn and Teller: Bullshit! on youtube a lot lately - well, I've been watching Penn and Teller's everything on youtube lately and I'm running out of things to watch - so I decided I want the real deal. I want it on DVD.
So I did some shopping around. The following is the result of my own search + the recommendations on a bargain-finding website.

Search: "Penn and Teller" - the show is called "bullshit"/"BS"/"bullsh!t"/"bullsh*t" depending on the site, so I stuck to their names. Still, I got a lot of this:


Luckily for me, every site that had Penn and Teller DVDs had Bullshit. Specifically, I wanted to compare prices on the entire collection.

Here"s how I fared ....Collapse )
I swear, I am not making a single part of this up. As I mentioned before, I designed and ordered a super blasphemous onesie in February. It was expensive, but after much deliberation I decided to buy it, because winter is coming and it looked so darn fluffy and warm.
It came a couple of weeks later, and I tried it on. It didn't fit right, so I contacted CafePress asking about getting an exchange. They asked what the problem with the product was.
The rest of the story can be filled in from these emails, which I swear to Cockblocker Christ have not been altered.

14th March
Me -> Cafepress


The product itself is perfect and beautiful and everything good in the world, it's just I seem to have accidentally ordered it in child's sizing? I was sure I clicked small, but an XS has been sent and it isn't even close to fitting me. What do I do? I read that if the sizing is wrong it can be sent back for an exchange. Is this possible?

Thank you for your help.


15th March
CafePress -> Me

Dear Jayde,

Thank you for contacting CafePress.com!

I want you to be 100% satisfied with everything you purchase at CaféPress.com. I am ordering you a replacement right away in the new size at no additional charge. Your new order number is 196115620 and you should receive the replacement by March 28th.

There is no need for a return! I don’t want you to incur any additional shipping charges. Please keep the original as our way of saying thanks for shopping at CaféPress.com.

If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.

Cafepress Support


15th March
Me -> CafePress

Dear Ebony,

Wow, CafePress is officially my favourite website in existence. Thank you so much!
I will definitely be shopping again. I love you guys!

A few emails exchanged about sizing~~~

28th March
Me -> CafePress


I just wanted to thank you again. The replacement arrived today and fits very well. I'm so happy.

I'm not complaining about this because it's easily fixed, but maybe just let quality checking know that my foot pyjamas came with a pretty big hole in the shoulder. I attached two pictures of it. Again, it's no big deal to me (especially since it was very kindly made for me in the first place), but if it was someone else they might complain.
Thank you so much! I love it!

Your very most happiest customer ever

29th March
CafePress -> Me

Dear Jayde,

I would be more then happy to help.  I am sorry to hear that the replacement arrived with a hole in the shirt. I would be more then happy to issue a replacement for the pajamas since it was our fault that the pajamas had a hole in it. Just reply to this email letting us know if you want a replacement. I hope this helps. I look forward to your reply. Thank you for shopping at CafePress.com.

If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.


Yep. They offered me one replacement for a sizing error (that they didn't even technically make), and another because the first replacement had a hole in it - which I have since stitched up anyway (and I'm totally wearing it right now and it's still amazing!!).
I almost can't actually believe it, except that they sent a little card with the first replacement apologising and iterating that I don't have to pay for it. I find it hard to believe in the goodness of humanity sometimes (especially when we're talking about businesses), but this has seriously made me so happy.
May Cockblocker Christ smile down on CafePress for eternity. :)



March 29
Me -> Cafepress

Dear CafePress,

What an unbelievable response! Hahaha
Really, I love you guys and I love my pyjamas and I'd love to have a hundred of them, but I in no way intend to take advantage of your generosity. I already stitched up the hole and it's perfect. :)

It really was more of a "just so you know" than trying to get anything else out of you. Really, you've been amazing.
Thank you!


March 29
Cafepress -> Me

Dear Jayde,

I am happy to hear you were able to stitch up the hole and that the pajamas fit perfectly. I would like to offer you a 20% discount on your next purchase with us as our way of apologizing for the hole in the pajamas. Thank you for shopping at CafePress.com!

HAHAHA these guys don't know when to quit being fucking awesomesauce, do they?
So, I already mentioned the slight sizing debacle and contacted CafePress to see if I could get an exchange happening. This is the email exchange over the past few hours:

Seriously this is unbelieveableCollapse )
Did that just really, actually happen?


I am in shock. Wonderful awe and shock.
Got my package today!!

I'm so happy I can't even describe how awesome it is that this is a thing that I now own. XD


But it came in children's size. >.<
Luckily Cafepress is awesome and they'll let me send it back and get a bigger one, but it means I won't have one I can wear for another few weeks.

Still, its amazing. And it's soft, and it's gorgeous, and the little booties zip off and everything. It's all kinds of perfect, I can't even put it into words. XD

Here's the link again, in case anyone wants it. Hahaha


I'm doing this. This is a done thing. Who is with me?


If I can buy them in bulk, they're cheaper. XD


Something something something, something something, "Something, something something SOMEthing something!!"

Something. Some. Thing.

Something! xoxo


*~Happy New Year All~*!!

To all my dear friends on LJ, I wish you all an amazingly fun, happy, and safe 2013. Love you all so much. <3



This, my friends, is what life is all about.

That's It.

I'm only going to love unobtainable fantasy creatures from now on.

You're welcome.




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